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SUV plows

Our snow plows are made of aluminum, galvanized steel and wear-proof rubber. We guarantee a snow clearing tool that is durable and looks good even after clearing salted snow. We were inspired by the heavy snow of the last winters when constructing this product, for we were also struggling to clear up the snow and got really fed up with it. We construct snow plows with connections for car models described below.

The list is continuously supplemented and if you cannot find your vehicle on the list, we will construct a suitable connection frame for the plow at the workshop in 4-5 hours.

Our snow plows have already gained popularity and found coverage on television. There was a longer segment about the properties of our snow plow on the Kanal2 program called "Rooli Võim". Watch it here!

There was also an exciting race between our snow plow and Jüri Muttika on the ETV program "Ringvaade". Guess who won? You can watch the race here!